him by elle kennedy and sarina bowen

businessman working on laptop  in black suitTitle: Him
Author: Elle Kennedy and Sarina Bowen
Publication Date: 28 July 2015
Pages: 361 pages
Start Date: 10 April
Finish Date: 11 April
Rating: ★★★★★

Him is about two guys who went to hockey camp together when they were younger. Wes is someone who was struggling with his feelings towards his best friend. Jamie had never questioned his sexuality until after a bets stakes get carried out and he has a drunken experience with Wes. They don’t talk for four years after their final camp together, much to Jamie’s confusion, then they run into each other when their hockey teams both go to the same match. They meet again and are both coaches at the camp they attended when they were younger.

I really really enjoyed this story. It was definitely a five star rating from me, I started it at night and stayed up until 3am reading this, I then finished it in under 24 hours.

The writing in this is not spectacular or anything but it isn’t bad, I didn’t read it thinking that it was some 12 year olds fanfiction. I really enjoyed it for the purpose of enjoying a story.

The novel was written in alternating first person point of views from the two main characters, Ryan Wesley and Jamie Canning. I could easily tell the two character’s chapters apart and I really enjoyed reading from both perspectives.

I enjoyed that the story was about two male hockey players who were dealing with their feelings for each other and their experiences with being attracted to males and how that affected their everyday lives. It didn’t feel like someone had wrote a m/f romance and just changed the pronouns of a character, it felt real.

I loved Ryan Wesley. Someone who is in love with hockey and his best friend. He has a terrible relationship with his parent’s, both of who have doubted and ignored his sexuality. Wes was always confident in his sexuality throughout the book and the ways he spoke to Jamie throughout the novel make me so happy. Wes doesn’t let people in very easily and he just loves Jamie so much that he can talk to him so much easier.

I loved Jamie Canning. Someone who is in love with coaching and his best friend. Jamie was sleeping with a character named Holly at the start of the novel and hadn’t questioned his sexuality until he meets Wes again. He figures out through the novel that he is bisexual (yay! bisexual representation!!) and I loved seeing him figuring out that part of himself and becoming more comfortable in himself.

The two characters spoke in a more juvenile tone throughout the story but I enjoyed it. It made their relationship more cute and happy. They could joke around with each other and they could be themselves. They also worked with kids at the hockey camp throughout so had to speak to them in a way they’d understand too.

The sports in this book is there and part of the story but I actually found myself enjoying it even though I have no interest or knowledge of hockey. It didn’t change my enjoyment of the story at all, if anything it made the story feel more real and added something to the story apart from just the romance.

The story didn’t have unnecessary  drama, it felt right. It felt real. I didn’t have to sigh from cheesyness or anything unrealistic throughout. It was fun and really really enjoyable.

I haven’t read much new adult stories but I think this was a really great introduction into the genre! I’ll definitely be looking at some more of Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy’s work!!

I really really enjoyed this story, it will be one I will reread in the future, I read the ebook version but I’m dying to pick up a physical copy and maybe give the audio book a shot in the future!


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