us by elle kennedy and sarina bowen

Cover+US+Sarina+Bowen+Elle+KennedyTitle: Us
Author: Elle Kennedy and Sarina Bowen
Publication Date: 8 March 2016
Pages: 328 pages
Start Date: 11 April
Finish Date: 11 April
Rating: ★★★★★

Us is the sequel to Him by Elle Kennedy and Sarina Bowen. It takes place eight months after the ending of Him. Wes and Jamie are living together in Toronto. Their relationship is still a secret and they are planning on keeping it that way until Wes finishes his rookie season in the NHL. Jamie’s coaching job is also keeping him busy and it’s putting a strain on their relationship because they aren’t getting to see each other as much. Earlier than they planned, their relationship gets shown to the public and both Wes and Jamie have to deal with how it affects their relationships with not only each other, but their teammates and co-workers.

DEFINITELY 5 STARS. I READ THIS BOOK IN ONE SITTING. I LOVED IT! I read both Him and Us in under 48 hours!

I felt like this novel had it’s own storyline and wasn’t just a continuation from the first book, which I always enjoy.  It is dealing with their relationship as well as their chemistry and their complicated situation.

A lot of people felt like the lack of communication between the characters in this book was a down fall but I think that it’s true and real, some people do find it hard to communicate in situations like Wes and Jamie are in.

The hockey was still a large part of the novel, which I still loved. It wasn’t all about their relationship (don’t worry, their relationship is still the main focus on the story).

I still loved Wes and Jamie, their chemistry is still undeniably real and totally believable. There was some very cute scenes between them in this book, not as many as the first book but I understand that since the plot is more focused on the strains of their relationship than their figuring out their feelings for each other.

I loved Jamie’s mum in this book, she is such a lovely and understanding character. She had a lovely relationship with Wes as well as Jamie.

A character that was introduced in this novel, Blake, was interesting to say the least. He annoyed me slightly at the start of the story, he honestly just seemed kind of rude. But as the story went on we got to see his friendship with Wes and Jamie evolve and by the end of the book I started to really like him.

Obviously I have to mention that I loved the representation. There is a gay main character and a bisexual main character. There is also a main character dealing with mental health issues.

slight spoiler ahead !!
In this book there is a medical emergency used as a plot twist (?) in the story. This is not an issue for me as I love this trope/cliché. It allows the reader to see a different part of Wes and Jamie’s relationship.

I 100% shipped Jamie and Wes throughout the entire story, which did not surprise me at all considering how much I loved the first book. I cried multiple times reading this and I laughed out loud to myself multiple times as well. This story was very emotional for me and not just some steamy new adult story. I loved these characters and I’m sad that my journey with them is finished.

I will 100% be rereading this book and the first one multiple times throughout my reading life. I definitely recommend the duology of books and think it was a brilliant and unforgettable introduction to new adult for me.



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